Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today’s Five A Day theme will focus on shapes. Shapes are everywhere. Compete the five activities below and then ask your child to find shapes around the room.

  1. Sammy’s Shapes:

    Read the online storybook, Sammy’s Shapes. Sammy Snake love to make shapes, can you guess the shapes that he makes?
  1. Shape Match:

    Practice shape recognition while finding shapes that match in this online memory game.
  1. Baby Hazel Learns Shapes:

    Baby Hazel is learning all about shapes. Help her to solve a shape puzzle, bake different shaped cookies and explore shapes in the garden.
  1. UMIGO: I See Shapes:

    Learning about SHAPES and geometry is a great way to enter the world of science and math! Watch this fun video.
  1. Christmas Tree Coloring Page:

    There are lots of shapes inside of this tree. Color the picture and talk about the shapes that you can see.